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Xylitol: A Sugar Substitute That Can Also Reduce Cavities

Photo of xylitol in a jar - Sims Dentistry

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for teeth.  It gives bacteria nourishment and causes plaque to build up.  Because of this, sugar substitutes are always in high demand, especially ones with additional health benefits.  That’s why xylitol (pronounced ‘zeye-luh-tall), a natural sugar substitute derived primarily from plants, is so attractive for those looking for a […]

Reluctant Brushers? 3 Easy Ways to get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Young child brushing their teeth - Sims Dentistry

Toothbrushing is often not the most fun activity for children. And you may have struggled in encouraging your kids to develop healthy dental habits. Here’s how parents can encourage their children to brush by making toothbrushing fun! Brush Together One great way to making brushing fun for young brushers is by brushing with them. This helps you get into a fun routine with […]

The Truth About Sparkling Water and Your Teeth

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It’s no secret that families consume too much sugar, nearly 3lbs of added sugar for each American every week. And it makes sense that nearly of quarter of that sugar comes from sugary beverages like soda. That’s why the recent popularity of fizzy, zero-calorie beverages is encouraging…especially to dentists like Drs. Sims & Felefi. Brands like […]